Worship at East Craftsbury Presbyterian Church

Our commitment is to provide meaningful worship of God, through prayer, strong preaching, study of the Bible and especially through music.  Meaningful worship is an aspect of ECPC held dear by members, some of which have been with us since birth and also one that has drawn new members to ECPC from afar.  We follow a traditional order of worship and generally follow the revised common lectionary for Scripture reading. (A schedule that brings us in contact with all parts of the Scriptures every three years.)

Our service has three main sections: Gathering: which includes praise and confession, which sensitized us to our need for God's love and help.  In the second section we hear the Word through Scripture, and a sermon.  The third section is where we respond to the Word by sharing our joys, concerns, prayers for the world and those around us and offering our gifts to God.  Hymns are sung at the opening of the service, after the sermons and at the closing of the service.  Music is organ and occasionally piano.  Our choir sings an Anthem that ties into the theme of the day.

During the Children's Message, the minister draws the children into the theme of the service during a short conversation with them.

The Lord's Supper (communion /the Eucharist) is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month and at other special times during the church year.